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Martiniega Estate

Martiniega Estate, is the origin of our professional project and is located in the Ribera de Navarra, also known as the Ebro Valley, more specifically between the Bardenas Reales Natural Reserve and the Moncayo Natural Park. Here, we manage an extension of more than 20ha of irrigated Arbequino olive trees that allow us to obtain a limited annual production of between 30,000-50,000L of Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the highest quality.

Throughout the year we attend to our olive trees, with special attention to pruning, irrigation and fertilization, to ensure their optimal state of health, in order to produce the best olives from which we will obtain the best and the healthiest juice.

The early harvest is completed between October and November, depending on the vegetative development of the olive tree during the year, the ripening of the fruit and the weather, and it is carried out by mechanical means to reduce harvesting times. Once the olive is harvested, it is immediately transported to the olive mill where the juice extraction process takes place between 3-6 hours from the harvest of the fruit.

Terroir and Climate

Clay soil and slightly stony located in the North of Spain, with a harsh climate and great thermal contrasts, with extreme temperatures both in summer and in winter, the strong wind called "Cierzo" stands out, which runs through the Ebro river’s depression and cleanses the olive grove in its wake, imprinting a unique character on this fruit.

The Arbequina variety, which is what we bet on at the time, has become our "Flagship", since it has adapted very well to these very special conditions and that we have been able to manage adequately throughout all these years, obtaining an excellent Olive Oil.

Natural Spring

The Moncayo mountain, in addition to its snow, is also characterized by its aquifers that appear and disappear through its slopes, due to its rocky and porous crust that filters the water. These waters bring to life to Martiniega’ spring, located in the upper part of the Estate, where it flows and is led to this natural reservoir.

It is a water of great purity, free of contamination that has been naturally enriched for centuries, by filtering through layers of Jurassic limestone rocks. This water is the one used to irrigate exclusively these olive trees.


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