The Family

Our History

Who We Are

Agriculture and hospitality are part of our family legacy. Our origin is the soil, which we take care of with love to obtain its best fruits. This is how Condado de Martiniega was born more than twenty years ago, with the aim of bringing the essence of mother earth, the authentic, to the most select palates. Throughout all these years, collaborating with professionals in the sector, we have been learning and improving technically throughout the production chain, from the cultivation and handling of the olive tree, through harvesting, production and storage, to the packaging and marketing of the final product. Our unique and exclusive products have already been tasted and selected by many internationally recognized personalities within the sector, who incorporate it into their daily creations, thus enhancing the flavors and aromas in their dishes.


A Lot More Than Olive Oil

In our roots, in addition to olive trees, we also find old vines and almond trees. In order to keep our memories alive, even today, we manage these family fields with the greatest enthusiasm, where we practice different cultivation techniques trying different varieties, both grape and almond.


Social Responsibility

In our day to day we want to have a positive impact on the people who accompany us throughout the entire production chain, from suppliers to the final consumer. For this reason, aware of the integration and well-being of everybody, we work with organizations related to our philosophy, where the qualities and aptitudes of all people are valued equally. It enriches us personally while offering the most professional service.

Quality Assurance


Committed to offering healthy products of the highest quality and traceability, we ensure that all the processes carried out, both in the field and in the oil mill, are certified by the highest international standards. In this way we are able to deliver our certified products (IFS or BRC among others), practically anywhere in the world and always with the maximum guarantee.

What Makes Us Different


All our clients share values and passions, such as good taste for food and authentic healthy products, thus valuing the Origin and supporting all the work that is done from the field to the final product. With our current range of formats, we are able to deliver our products to your home and also to supply the hospitality industry, where we concentrate most of our activity, mainly in non-national markets, which we supply directly and indirectly. It is the one known as the "gourmet", "delicatessen" or "premium" sector to which we are directed, offering products of the highest quality, differentiated, exclusive and recognized, with great added value.


We Keep Growing

Just one more step in our desire to improve in our day to day and following our passion for the field, the product and haute cuisine, we have a clear vision to continue growing sustainably over time, with the sole objective of continuing to satisfy the needs of all our clients and improving during this process. There are several projects, and of different types, in which we are currently working on, which are gradually being developed. We will keep you updated with any news. On the other hand, the internationalization of our products is proving to be a success, consolidating ourselves in countries where we have been working for some time and also entering new ones.


Organic products

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